Yes, you can start a youtube channel to make money online by showing advertisements on your channel.

starting a youtube channel is a simple way of all and no need invest anyhow.

How To Make Money Using  Youtube Channel
Many YouTubers today earn huge of money every day with just upload a single video on there channels,

 For example, like Felix Kjellberg is the owner of PewDiePie channel on youtube, he earns about 12 million dollars in 2017,
from just running his single channel.

you too can rich such such success if you capitalize on the leisure that youtube provides currently.

This type of work is suitable for those people who love create hey own videos, video shooting documentary or short films.


You must have the right to create a video using software tools or recording a video using your smartphone or using video recorder like a camcorder.


Almost you can start a youtube channel within a few time, just visit www.youtube.com singin, create the channel and start upload videos.


1 - Create a youtube channel within a specific theme such as tutorials, recipe etc, don't create a youtube channel and upload video anyhow or unrelated video to your youtube channel name.

example if you like to share the tutorial, you can create videos related to your channel name, just make videos for the choice of your subscribers. 

2 - select a subject in which you are really gained.
explore your other videos related to your theme, and see how many views those videos make.

3 - Totaly, more the video views more beneficial theme is, and as more other people search for it.

4 - checkout if there any concept loose in the currently existing videos related to your topic. you can adjust this concept to get more views on your videos.

5 - try to give your best to engage with your audience. study the comment you get to earn on your videos and what they don't, look the videos that get the highest grip and find the reason what behind them.

6 - spy on your competitors and try to the new things that are working for it, never to try copy from them, always run your channel with uniqueness.

7 - always try to get new videos from the last one.

8 - experiment, are the only way where your search new and existing stuff, that is the way to ahead all your competitors.


The main general rule for monetization on youtube channel is straightforward, more views you get, the more money you earn, lastly, you will have to enable monetization option on your channel is very simple.