Absolute Address

Sometimes called a true address, machine address, or direct address, AN absolute address is that the specifically fastened address within the memory of an ADP system.
ADP system
This is completely different from a relative address, that uses the space between some extent of origin and some extent of destination because the means that of specifying the placement. An address of this kind helps build it easier for a laptop to reference the precise location within the memory wherever information is kept. The absolute address is mere of many differing types of memory addresses. Essentially, a memory address may be a location within the memory wherever a computer code program or some variety of hardware device will place information and later retrieve it with relative ease. An address area like this can be ordinarily expressed as a binary variety with a finite or restricted sequence that helps to explain the memory space itself could involve one computer memory unit, or multiple serial bytes within the memory location, reckoning on the scale of the information that's keep.

Absolute Positioning

An element like button or textbox whose position property has the value absolute is said to be absolute positioning, and is completely removed from the document flow: it doesn’t affect subsequent elements at all. It’s positioned with respect to its containing block, and it establishes a new containing block for normal flow children, and for descendants whose position property is set to absolute. The top, right, bottom, left, width, and height properties determine the position and dimensions of an absolute positioning element.

Access Control Table

The Windows Access Control table contains information about the security roles that have been assigned to each Windows login that has been created in the current database. You can use this table to assign new security roles to a Windows login.

Access Path

An access path depicts the order in which the rows are retrieved from a database file. If the rows in the file are accessed in a physical sequence, that is known as an approaching sequence access path. If the rows need to be processed in an ordered manner, then a keyed access path is needed to sort the data in the specified order. "With DB2 for iSeries, keyed right paths are supplied to DB2 by creating a keyed logical file, keyed physical file, or SQL index.

Access Time

In a telecommunications system, access time is the time lag between the start of access try and successful access. Access time values are measured simply on access attempts that result in successful access. In computer, it is the amount of time amount between the instant at which an instruction control unit starts a require information or letter of invitation to store information, and also the instant at that delivery of the information is accomplished or the storage is started.

Active Back Plane

Although the Active Backplane can examine a subcategory of the Custom defined Backplanes we consider them a varying and very well defined category by itself. "This is inasmuch as, unlike the traditional backplanes, the active backplanes host active circuitry that cannot, or it is not required to, be hosted on the circuit boards that plug into the backplane. The active circuitry on the backplane will perform various functions required by the application such as PCI-to-PCI or PCI-to-PCI-Express bridging, PCI-Express switching, Ethernet switching, transceivers, magnetics, DC-DC converters or voltage controllers, I2C and IPMI processors and the illustrations can continue.