Make $20 Paypal with a Survey Site!

Make $20 Paypal with a Survey Site!

Good morning everyone! This is Arewasound and we're back again with another article! In this article, I will be sharing you a legit site and we will just answer random surveys. Here, no right and wrong answers, all answers are qualified, and very easy to earn points.

Let me now introduce you YouGov Philippines. This site also supported different countries like in London part, UK, United States, Middle East, China, South Asia, Asia Pacific, and many more.

This site is not only available in the Philippines because you can access this worldwide.

Let us start now by signing up. Upon registering, you can sign up using your email add or sign up with Facebook.

Take note: You will earn 100 points as a sign-up bonus.

SIGNUP HERE: https://sg.yougov.com/en-sg/refer/MxuuXdghOjMXaRFJeJDhMw/

Try UK Account here: https://yougov.co.uk/refer/5OCEdZZV6tnCKolY3pPQ9g/

This is my account here in Yougov and earned 7,755 points. I do my daily surveys and invite some friends. Herewith details, fill up and complete your first name, last name, street name, city, country, and postal code.

Then here with your account settings, you signed up email address should be the same with your Paypal email address. Set your survey frequency (if you want to receive daily survey) you set it "as often as possible" and select English as your language.

Here in available surveys, I have now 1 available and you can also check it on your email address. They will send an email once you are selected to any Yougov surveys so now, let us try to answer just click this "start survey". They will give us 55 points if you finish this survey and lets it now.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can answer any. You can select and answer anything.

You have completed this survey and banked your points! Now, let us check if the points added on my balance... And yes, it's added. also, you can able check on your account history "you earned 55 points.

Referring friends are optional. But if you want to boost your earnings you can refer a friend. For every person who joins your referral link and complete 6 surveys you will earn or you will receive 200 points.

With my account history, I earned 200 points because one of my referrals answered 6 surveys. This is how easy to answer surveys here in Yougov and will not take much of your time.

About with their cashout, minimum payout is 5,000 points. this is the prepaid load. Smart, Globe, and all networks. You can donate your earnings on UNICEF.

Because I'm Earn Money, I will choose 950 pesos Paypal money to cash out. Just click it right away. "Redeem your 5,000 points for $50 via Paypal and the processing time will take up to 30 days.".

Also with confirmation email coming from YouGov.

Click redeem... Check your email address, first name, and last name. then redeem. Done redeeming points and now I will wait till I received it on my Paypal and see if this really pays.

Hello, and I'm now with my Paypal account and as you can see I already received my payment with this survey site. YouGov PTE. Limited I got a payment of $18.82 but because it has transaction fee (it is like 10% fee deducted) the total amount I got is $16.94

Truly, this site pays and legit. Very easy to get points just by answering surveys. And what we like most about it is all 100% free!

This is just a short article about how we can earn Paypal money just by answering surveys. Just be alert with their email sending you to never miss out any surveys available!

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Thank you again for reading and we're about to hit 200k visitors, we are Arewasoud once again and see you on our next article!