MAKE PASSIVE INCOME while you sleep!

MAKE PASSIVE INCOME while you sleep!

Hello everyone! You are on Arewasound SITE welcome back again with another video where I will be sharing you guys a Crypto Wallet where we can store, exchange, earn and spend.

In Nigeria, we use hardware as a wallet now, I will be introducing a crypto wallet named "Cloud Token Wallet". With this wallet, we can store bitcoins, ethereum, and other assets but at the same time, we can use this also as a Piggy Bank. Meaning, when you store bitcoins here we can earn money or we can make a daily profit! What I like about this wallet, any time we can pull out our funds that used in that Piggy Bank.

Good news! It is available in IOS devices and Android Phones.

In their site, you can watch video tutorials on how to use this wallet but later, I will be showing you my assets and how much I earned from it.

It is optional to use their Piggy Bank feature but in case you like to earn daily profit the name of the robot who trades for us is "Jarvis". In Cloud Token Wallet, when you store your assets and participate in Jarvis we can earn 6% up to 12% monthly. And what I have mentioned earlier, if you needed the funds you put in you can pull it out right away.

With their official Telegram Channel, they already have 3200 subscribers and I must say that this wallet is good to use. They’re conducting webinars too. With Ronald Aai's Facebook, you can see other activities held by this wallet. Also on Youtube, search for Cloud Token Wallet many Youtuber's are endorsing and conducting seminars about this wallet too. But still, If I were you and if you are interested in it you can do your own research or you can comment down below and tell us your experience using this wallet.

Now, let us proceed with my Mobile Phone (with my iPhone) and I will be showing you how to store, exchange, earn and spend in Cloud Token Wallet.

I'm here now at my IOS phone and upon signing up you can use my referral code (4972634599) so I can be your upline and you will see you crypto assets here in dashboard-like CTO, ETh, USDT, BTC, LTC, BCH, TUSD, and DOGE. It's like your typical wallet (like Coins.ph and Abra) that if you wanted to store and send your bitcoins you just got to click "receive" or "Send". Just like you use on your daily crypto wallet.

But as I have mentioned earlier, we can use this wallet just like a Piggy Bank.

Question: how to do that so we can start right now? You should have the first deposit of your funds. Just simply clicking your BTC wallet. Click receive from here, you can now deposit your funds any amount that includes the transaction fee in participating with Jarvis. Just copy your Cloud Token's BTC wallet so you can transfer your funds from any BTC wallet.

Once you have funds now, we can now proceed by using Jarvis Ai. Let's go now here in "Project" you can see Jarvis here. We will use it to trade and make daily profits. Click Jarvis now. What we do here to start with simply click BTC expect that it also have trading fees to enable Jarvis that's why you should have larger amount to cover up the transaction fee. And now, let's try by click this max button then proceed!

Done! The request has been submitted. Let's wait for 15-30 minutes to activate Jarvis.

Last day, I already deposit $500 and earned $2.23 US dollars. Take note: once you invested your cryptocurrency or used it as a Piggy Bank the daily profits will be transferred here in "CTO". CTO is the utility token of Cloud Token Wallet. So every time we received our daily profit expect it will be transferred as CTO token.

Let's check and from here we can convert it into Ethereum. If you would like to use this wallet as your investment I suggest use Ethereum coz our daily profit will be transferred to CTO and it is convertible only to ETH. For now, CTO is paired up to ETH and much preferred to use ETH to get receive too.

CTO started with a value of $0.30 US dollars and its value now is $0.4420 USD which means, that the amount you earned a daily profit does not have a fixed value. The value can go up and can do down it depends on the value of CTO market.

Question: How to pull out my investment from Jarvis? Let us go back to "project" click Jarvis and all we have to do is to SWIPE it to the RIGHT. You will see the "remove" button. If you want to get your money now, you can remove it. I can't do the remove demo right now coz it says here that you will have 10% penalty once you remove your participation less than 30 days. So for now, I don't want to remove my investment or Piggybank until I'm satisfied and my daily profit grows.

Today, I will be showing you how to convert CTO to ETH. Select CTO and then click convert. The minimum amount of CTO to be converted is 10. And you will be asked to a setting that if you convert CTO to ETHEREUM, it will be directed to participate in the Jarvis Project. If not, the conversion will be transferred to your wallet right away. Now let's try to put 10 CTO and I will be getting 0.02 eth then click convert. Payment pin code will be asked and also the 2fa Google Authentication Code. Proceed.

Conversion request has been submitted. Same with participating with Jarvis, wait for 15 to 30 mins to appear an ETH wallet.

There you go! This is just a short article about how to use Cloud Token Wallet and how to participate using Jarvis AI. I will make more videos about this wallet about Proof of Withdrawal, Referrals, Return of Investment, Updates and more News about this wallet. You can check out this Telegram Channel @Arewasound for more news and activities of Cloud Token Wallet. But still, do your own diligence to research more if you wanted to use this wallet as your Piggy Bank.