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Appointing 27 youths and inspecting 269 facilities in the New Valley – Egypt’s Economy



The Manpower Directorate in the New Valley Governorate has appointed 27 young men to private and investment sector establishments, including one with determination, through registration certificates returned “heel work”, from the directorate’s employment offices, as well as the registration of 213 job seekers.

Muhammad Saafan, Minister of Manpower, announced that the directorate had extracted 25 certificates for measuring the level of skill and a license to practice the profession, indicating that in the field of labor relations it received 14 complaints of labor demands, 5 of which were settled, and two of them were referred to the labor court, as well as 7 complaints are still under study and study.

The minister pointed out that in the field of caring for irregular workers socially and healthily, the directorate disbursed grants for this category amounting to 32 thousand pounds to 15 workers registered with the administration.

In his report to the minister about what was accomplished during last January, Ahmed Hussein Tlaib, director of the Directorate, said that in the field of labor inspection, the Directorate inspected 269 establishments, periodic and campaigns, and resulted in the absence of labor violations, and in the field of occupational safety and health it inspected 43 Facility, re-inspection of 68, carried out 2 inspection campaigns, and made 12 field measurements.

The director of the directorate explained that, in the field of vocational training, two training courses were completed for 25 trainees in the profession of electrical connections and the profession of welding electricity, and a training course for 12 female trainees on the profession of tailoring and sewing was completed, and a training course for 10 trainees on the profession of The profession of plumbing, and another course for 10 trainees in the profession of electrical connections, in addition to the start of two training courses on the professions of detailing and knitting for 12 trainees, and electrician of connections for 12 trainees, in the mobile unit in the villages of Al-Munira within the political leadership initiative “A decent life” within the framework of the Ministry’s initiative The workforce is “your profession, your future”.

In the field of inspecting establishments to ensure that all precautionary measures are applied to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), 200 establishments of labor-intensive facilities have been monitored through the offices of occupational safety and health and labor inspection.

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