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Babu kungiyar data fi Real Madrid lallasa Liverpool a tarihin gasar nahiyar turai



Burin Liverpool na cancantar buga wasannin kusa dana karshe a gasar zakarun nahiyar turai yaja baya, bayan da Real Madrid ta lallasata daci 3-1 a wasan farko na kusa dana kusa dana karshe da suka buga.

Inda Vinicius yaci kwallaye biyu sai Asensio yaci guda yayin da shima Mohammed Salah ya ciwa Liverpool kyakkyawan harin data kai a wasan.

Nasarar da Madrid tayi tasa yanzu babu kugiyar data kaita doke Liverpool a gasar nahiyar turai, inda ta doke ta sau hudu kamar yadda Benefica tayi mata kuma Madrid ce ke yin nasara a gabadaya wasannin su guda hudu da suka gabata.

Liverpool suffer a huge blow in their bid to qualify for Champions League semi finals, as they were defeated 3-1 in their first leg encounter with Real Madrid in quarter final match.

Vinicius score two brilliant goals for Real Madrid with Asensio also on the score sheet, as Mohammed Salah score the only shot on target for Liverpool.

The Reds boss Klopp admitted after thr match that they deserve to loss against Madrid due to their Sloppy start.

Across all European comprtitions, no side have beaten Liverpool more often than Real Madrid four times level with Benefica, with the Reds suffering defeat in each of their last four with Blancos.

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