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Kola Ologbondiyan Buhari ya aika laifin da ya kamata a tsigeshi>>PDP

Buhari ya aika laifin da ya kamata a tsigeshi>>PDP


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Sakataren yada labaran PDP, Kola Ologbondiyan ya bayyana cewa shugaban kasa, Muhammadu Buhari ya aikata laifin da ya kamata ace an tsigeshi.


Ya bayyana hakane a hirar da aka yi dashi a jaridar Independent inda yace kin amsa gayyatar da shugaban kasar yayi wadda majalisar tarayya ta masa babban laifine.


Yace ‘yan Najeriya sun bukaci majalisa ta tsigeshi kuma ma majalisar bata bukatar sai an gaya mata haka domin yana nan a cikin doka, yace kuma ‘yan Najeriya sun zuba ido suna son ganin matakin da majalisar zata dauka.

Buhari ya aika laifin da ya kamata a tsigeshi>>PDP

I believe the National Assembly knows what to do. Nigerians have asked them to impeach President Buhari and they have all the powers to do that. They are to serve as a check to what the Executive arm of government is doing. There is no need for any guidance outside the rules of the National Assembly on what they should do concerning the present circumstances in which they have found themselves. The action of Mr. President against the national assembly, particularly against the House of Reps constitute gross misconduct because they invited him to the hallowed chambers on what his government is doing to stem the tide of insecurity in the country. He promised them he is going to come and the Speaker of the House also gave Nigerians the assurances that he will honour the invitation. But what happened? A day to the meeting, the President reneged on his promises and failed to show up. That shows contempt for the National Assembly and it is gross misconduct which the constitution provides for as a ground for the impeachment of Mr. President. So, it is left for the House of Representatives to decide on what they want to do; but they should also know that Nigerians are watching.

Dan sauke manhajar hutudole a wayoyin ku. Sai a bi wannan link din na kasa:

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