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Gwamnatin tarayya ta sanar da dakatar da Rigakafin coronavirus



Gwamnatin tarayya ta sanar da dainawa ‘yan kasar Rigakafin coronavirus. Ta bayyana dalilin karancin Rigakafin a matsayin dalilin daukar wannan namataki.


Karamin Ministan Lafiya, Olorunnimbe Mamora ne ya bayyana haka inda yace Suna jira sai wani rigakafin ya zo.


“So, we can say that we have a pool of citizens that have been fully vaccinated since this vaccination comes in two doses,” he said. “So that’s what gave rise to that directive, rather than just going ahead with just a single dose when the full dose should be two doses of the same.

Mr Mamora added, “So we felt that it was proper for us in the circumstance to ensure that those who have been vaccinated have been fully vaccinated.”

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SOURCE: This post (Gwamnatin tarayya ta sanar da dakatar da Rigakafin coronavirus) firstly published at on 2021-04-07 09:05:55

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