NPC Training Update: Guide On How to Check Your Training Venue and Date

Honourable Federal Commissioners

You may wish to recall that the 2023 Population and Housing Census training programme that started with the National level training, cascaded to the Zones and the State levels has prepared so far, the trainers otherwise called facilitators. The stage is now set to commence the training of the primary functionaries, the Enumerators and Supervisors at the Local Government level.

NPC Training Update: Guide On How to Check Your Training Venue and Date

The training at the LGA level is scheduled to start on Thursday 13th April 2023 in each of the identified training centres/classrooms in the 774 LGAS in Nigeria. And as such, the State offices are expected to coordinate the LGA offices to;

1. Review the suitability of the classrooms, fix any gaps and label them for easy identification by trainees and trainers from Sat 8th – Monday 10th April 2023

2. Assign approved candidates to classrooms and display a list of members of each class by the classes for ease of identification by 11th April 2023 

3. Communicate the date for commencement of training, and the address of the training centre to each participant from 8th-11th April 2023. 

4. Organise a one-day orientation for the Local Government Training Coordinators to be anchored by the State Director. State Training Coordinators, State Field coordinators and monitored by the Zonal Coordinators on Tuesday 11th April 2023 

5. Training Centre Administrators (TCMA) to commence accreditation of participants on Wednesday 12th April 2023.

6. Training materials are to be moved to the training centres by Wed. 12th April 2023. 

7. All facilitators including DQMS and SWF to report at the training centre assigned for review of updates and discussion of the training timetable on Tuesday 12th April 2023.

8. The revised timelines for the next census activities is presented hereunder in Table 1

Table 1: Summary of Census Timelines


Update Training for Specialised Workforce and DQMS

Start Date 31/Mar/23

End Date 08/Apr/23

Duration 9

Assessment of Training Centres for the 2023 PES

Start Date 3/Apr/23

End Date 7/Apr/23

Duration 5

LGA Level Training (On Building Numbering and Household Listing)

Start Date 13/Apr/23

End Date 19/Apr/23

Duration 7

M&E of LGA training for Building Numbering & Household Listing

Start Date 13/Apr/23

End Date 19/Apr/23

Duration 7

Profiling of Enumerators and Supervisors for the Main Census

Start Date 13/Apr/23

End Date 18/Apr/23

Duration 6

Building Numbering and Household Listing

Start Date 20/Apr/23

End Date 24/Apr/23

Duration 5

Building Numbering and Household Listing Data Validation Period

Start Date 20/Apr/23

End Date 26/Apr/23

Duration 7

Post-Field Validation Check

Start Date 27/Apr/23

End Date 28/Apr/23

Duration 2

LGA Level Training (on Persons Enumeration)

Start Date 26/Apr/23

End Date 30/Apr/23

Duration 5

Census Night

Start Date 02/May/23

End Date 02/May/23

Duration 1

 Person’s Enumerations

Start Date 03/May/23

End Date 07/May/23

Duration 5 

Enumeration Mop up (Where Applicable)

Start Date 08/May/23

End Date 12/May/23

Duration 5

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