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How to download free music on itunes, Android and iPhone


How to download free music on Android, iPhone.

    Download music for free

    As a music lover, are you constantly looking for good, new music? The time of CDs is over, nowadays you just listen online. 
    This way you often save a pretty penny, because buying music is expensive! likes to share some tips & tricks for finding music on the internet.

    Download music for free and legally

    You may not think it possible, but there is certainly a way in which you can download all the music you want for free, easily and, moreover, legally. 
    All you need for that is special software. How to do this is explained in detail at
    There are also websites where you can download music with the permission of the artists. 
    These giveaways are sometimes a kind of stunt action by the artists or they consciously choose to make their music accessible for free so that they can be sure that you can listen to their (new) material in high quality. 

    It goes without saying that many musicians attach great importance to this. Some examples of such websites … is  (  you will find mainly non-commercial music, which can certainly come in handy when you need music to accompany a movie, for example. 
    This way you are always fine with copyrights. Through Bandcamp, you can also discover a lot of new music and often young artists give away free downloads here.

    Download music illegally

    There is also software with which you can download music via so-called ‘torrents’. Websites such as The Pirate Bay index the torrent links, after which you can download them with programs specially developed to download the torrents. 

    Some examples of this are Vuze, Bitcomet etc. Unfortunately, it is illegal to download music that way. Since 2012, large fines have been imposed for this and several raids have already taken place at organizations such as those behind The Pirate Bay. 

    Their servers are then seized and the website in question goes offline for a while.

    Websites where you can download music for free and legally.

    Unfortunately, downloading music on websites such as Bandcamp is not always free. This is the case for the following websites.

    1- NoiseTrade

    NoiseTrade is a platform where you can download music completely free and legally. Especially novice bands and lesser-known artists offer their music here. 
    That way they can amass more fans. You must enter your email address and zip code for each album you want to download. 
    You will then receive the download code in your mailbox. You can also donate an amount to the artist you like to give them extra support. However, you are completely free to do so.

    2- Jamendo

    Jamendo uses the principle of creative commons. Anyone can download music completely free and legal as long as it is not used for commercial purposes. 
    To download a song you must first register with an email address and password. A nice plus is the Jamendo Radio on which you can listen to music by genre day and night.

    3- Free Music Archive.

    Free Music ArchiveFMA is part of the radio station WFMU. This online music library encourages music sharing and distribution. 
    You will find a huge collection of music from different genres. You can download everything for free and when you join as a member, you can also create personal playlists. 
    You can also donate money if you want to give certain artists a boost.
    Besides downloading you can also stream music for free. You can listen to music immediately via streaming without having to download it first. You will always need an internet connection.

    Websites where you can stream music for free and legally.

    This way of listening to music has only gained popularity in recent years. Not only can you listen to just about every radio station online nowadays, but streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Pono also offer you as a listener the opportunity to discover very high-quality music for free. 
    As long as you do not take a premium subscription, you do not escape an advertisement here and there, but on the radio that is of course also included and you certainly do not choose what is being played there.

    1- Spotify

    Spotify you – via Facebook for example – Spotifyinstall on your computer, you always have free high-quality music at home. Only if you take a Spotify Premium subscription, you can also download the music, listen to it offline and thus support the artists. 
    Today, with the Premium for Family multi-user plan, you can take advantage of Spotify’s entire library, while still keeping your personal playlists and preferences. 
    The biggest advantage of Spotify, of course, is that it is legal and that the streaming service has a huge library. 
    You also always have your favourite music at hand. You can put your music in a favourites list or in any playlist. Competitions and promotions are regularly organized by Spotify, so you can test the streaming service at an extra cost.
    Spotify Premium
    You can try the Premium version of Spotify for free for thirty days!

    2- Soundcloud

    Soundcloud is a social media platform where you can listen, share and like music. After creating a profile, you can start uploading music. 
    Via the search bar, you can quickly search for your favourite bands and songs. You simply click on ‘upload’. 
    Then select the correct file and add another title and image. After that, your music is added directly to your account and you only have to wait for likes, shares and listeners.


    Last.FM With you can make playlists of your favourite songs yourself and also easily share them with other users. 
    You can search very quickly by genre. Even if you only search by band name, you will get a whole range of similar bands. 
    What’s nice about the is that they keep statistics on the listening behaviour of their users. That way you can get in touch with each other on the basis of music style. 
    In addition, you also easily come into contact with lesser-known music from the genre.

    5- Musixhub.

    MusixHub Stream MusicIf you like moving images with your music, Musixhub is what you are looking for. 
    The website has a very extensive library in which you can navigate by artists, albums and genres. 
    You can also create your own playlists and if a video clip of the song exists, it will also be played via a YouTube plugin.

    Apps with which you can listen to music for free and legally.

    Everyone knows Spotify by now. What was originally a website is now also a very handy app that you have installed on your smartphone for free. 
    In recent years, many counterparts for Spotify have been developed, which are also free and have many advantages. 
    It is not only about streaming services, such as Spotify or Pandora (which is unfortunately only available in the United States), but also about free software to play your downloaded music, such as Google Play Music or Amazon Music, on which it is Belgians also have to wait a while before it is launched here.

    1- Jango Free Internet Radio

    This free internet radio started in 2007 as a website but is now also widely used worldwide as an app. It is very simple:  Jango guides you through the contemporary music scene. 
    As a user, you choose an artist and the app expands itself with similar artists. So it is a very user-friendly app where you as a listener have to make little effort to put together a playlist: Jango does this for you. 
    Currently, there are no Premium subscriptions with Jango, so they really focus on supporting their current free customers. Of course, you have to take the ads now and then!

    2- Google Play Music

    Google Play MusicGoogle Play Music reminds you the most of your old MP3 player. 
    The app, on which you can also buy music, also plays music files that you can set up yourself via USB or Google Drive. 
    So it’s very handy to listen to your music, which you have downloaded somewhere or put on your computer via a CD, wherever and whenever you want via your smartphone.


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