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HP Spectre Folio Review

What is the HP Specter Folio?

The principal thing you’ll see about the workstation tablet cross breed HP Specter Folio is that it’s clad in cowhide. Believe it or not, the Folio has predestined the brushed aluminum of the Dell XPS 15 2 of every 1 and the adaptable carbon magnesium compound of the LG Gram 2 out of 1 for tanned cow skin. This is a truly irregular move for a PC creator, yet it’s surely attractive.

Beside the cowhide coat, the HP Specter Folio 13 ak0001na likewise flaunts a packaged stylus while the twofold pivoted presentation bolsters various diverse client modes: the customary workstation mode, a ‘tent’ mode for watching video content, and a tablet mode for when you need to make some portray done, or you just wish to utilize the Folio as a Windows tablet.

Such abilities put the Folio in the direct challenge with any semblance of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, which regardless of displaying an increasingly particular setup, is another lightweight tablet-workstation cross breed went for individuals who need an exceptional gadget appropriate for both work and play. Will the cowhide configuration help the Folio become a beneficial option, or is it bound for future ‘most strange workstation EVER’ top 10 records?

HP Specter Folio – Design

The HP Specter Folio is a 2-in-1 Windows workstation with, as we’ve set up, a fairly unmistakable look.

The hotshot estimation of the HP Specter Folio is verifiable. At whatever point I broke this out in work gatherings, associates cooed and kidded this was the sort of PC Patrick Bateman would be glad to flaunt. I’m uncertain if that is underwriting or not. It’s generally lightweight (1.49kg) and resembles a genuine folio situation when collapsed up as well.

The HP Specter Folio is expected for taking notes, making outlines and completing customary office work while in a hurry. The screen part of the PC is additionally pivoted so you can prop it up in tent mode which loans itself pleasantly to flaunting your PowerPoint introductions, making video calls, or viewing Netflix.

This sees the jawline of the screen resting perfectly in the wrinkle between the trackpad and the finish of the console, which makes for an exceptionally tough inclination Tent mode. In the event that you need to utilize it to write down notes or sketch away with a stylus, you can pull the screen right down so it lays over the console, with Windows changing you to Tablet mode as you do as such.

Some PC tablet half breeds, similar to the LG Gram 2 out of 1, have the unbalanced plan of a regressive confronting console when flipped into tablet mode. This feels odd, however, isn’t awesome for life span – in the event that you have your gadget propped up in stand mode, with the console looking down on a level surface, and somebody spills a beverage, things could turn sour rapidly. The HP Specter Folio’s plan, in any case, implies the keys will never be laying on a level surface similarly.

An undeniable drawback of the HP Specter Folio’s structure is the situating of the Bang and Olufsen-marked speakers. In case you’re utilizing it in Tent or Tablet mode, any stable turning out will be stifled gratitude to the speakers being caught behind the screen part of the gadget. This doesn’t mean Netflix or iPlayer content is unintelligible, simply that things infrequently stable squashed.

Underneath the screen’s jawline fold, there’s a little space over on the right. This is the place the stylus holder, the little calfskin circle that is incorporated into the case, sits. It really works actually well, regardless of whether the cement strip you use to stick the circle to the Specter’s body feels a little low-tech when contrasted and the attractive stylus connection of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

Estimating 321 x 234.5 x 15.4mm, the HP Specter Folio is entirely flimsy, wire-slim in spots where the calfskin decreases down to a level edge. In that capacity, it’s light and will effectively slip into your handbag, yet there’s not a great deal of space for ports here. There are three Type-C USB ports, two with Thunderbolt 3 support over on the right, and one USB 3.1 Gen 1 on the left that bolsters information exchange rates of up to 5Gbps. The Thunderbolt 3 tech, in the interim, implies the other two surrender you speeds of to 40Gbps.

Every one of the three ports bolsters Power Delivery, so if it’s increasingly reasonable for you to utilize a right-hand port at the spot you’re working, you can, in any case, draw control. They all help DisplayPort 1.2 too so you can associate the HP Specter Folio up to an outer screen from any of the Type-Cs.

While the Thunderbolt 3 standard is adaptable, the absence of some other sort of association – no microSD card opening, no HDMI, not, in any case, outdated Type-A USB – implies you’ll need to spend for a dock or a few dongles to benefit from the Specter Folio.

In reasonableness, HP throws you a bone by method for a USB-A-to-USB-C dongle, which is incorporated into the container, yet you’ll likely need to get Ethernet and card peruser connectors as well.

HP Specter Folio – Keyboard and touchpad

The HP Specter Folio includes a full QWERTY console packed into a little space. General composing feels great here as the keys are springy and include low travel.

You get Page Up/Down, Home, and End keys, which is pleasant as few out of every odd workstation producer toss these in. These keys are trimmed in over on the furthest right of the board, however, so it’s anything but difficult to inadvertently hit Page Down when you truly intended to hit Enter.

The bolt keys are additionally consigned to a little corner, which can make exploring huge archives an agony. This is something a great deal of 13-inch convertibles and ultrabooks experience the ill effects of, so it is anything but a solitary fizzling of the HP Specter Folio, yet worth calling attention to – particularly in the event that you have expansive hands.

So also, the touchpad is minor and – for me at any rate – not excessively responsive. I needed to go to the settings to help the affectability right to the maximum before I could serenely utilize the Specter Folio’s touchpad.

HP Specter Folio – Display

The HP Specter Folio has a 13.3-inch Full HD (1920×1080) touchscreen show that, over giving you a chance to portray with a stylus and watch YouTube from different edges, performed great amid my tests.

Utilizing DisplayCAL programming and an X-Rite i1Display colorimeter, I recorded a pinnacle splendor near 400 nits (396.49) and dark dimensions of 0.2343 nits, which means a fantastic difference proportion of 1692:1. Anything which scores above 1000:1 is commonly a decent marker that dull zones of photographs and recordings will look rich and profound, while more splendid regions won’t watch washed out and ailing in the definition.

This absolutely confirmed I would say of the HP Specter Folio with Netflix and iPlayer streams. I watched scenes of The Umbrella Academy and Fleabag on this, the two of which highlighted a few scenes shot during the evening, and dim territories of the activity here were clear and point by point.

The Folio recorded a shading temperature of 7139K, which is marginally over the 6500K shading temperature that most intently takes after characteristic light. This implies, in principle, the HP Specter Folio’s presentation should look somewhat cooler/bluer than the showcases of the Surface Pro 6 and Dell XPS 15 2 of every 1, the two of which gave shading temperature readings of 6265K and 6735K separately. Nothing looked particularly dull or pale blue to my eyes, however, it’s something you may get on in case you’re a sharp picture taker.

As far as shading space inclusion, the HP Specter Folio came to a decent 96.2% of the sRGB array, which is phenomenal – advanced workmanship, from sites to funnies, will look especially great.

Less energizing was the way that the Specter Folio gathered simply 67.6% and 70.5% of the Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 spaces. While some computerized picture takers are glad to shoot in sRGB, others want to work in Adobe RGB, as this is a more extensive and the sky is the limit from there ‘characteristic’ shading extent. As the most top of the line cameras can catch video in a RAW arrangement, containing more data than what’s in the sRGB shading space, videographers like to work with showcases which can cover over 80% of the more extensive DCI-P3 array.

Honestly, on the off chance that you need a workstation for video work, you shouldn’t take a gander at the HP Specter Folio in any case. It doesn’t have a committed illustrations card and regarding stockpiling and RAM, you’re constrained to 256GB and 8GB separately – that doesn’t give you much as far as ready stockpiling and 8GB is the base measure of memory you’d requirement for something like Adobe Premiere Pro to run.

Just as enlisting your digits (up to 10 of multi-contact is bolstered here), the presentation additionally underpins N-trig and Microsoft Pen Protocol. More or less, this implies just as working with the HP Tilt Pen stylus out of the crate, the presentation will likewise perceive style like Microsoft’s Surface Pen.

HP Specter Folio – Performance

There are no dependable benchmarks accessible for estimating stylus execution, however, I can say I possibly truly seen slack when I was painting wide corner-to-corner brushstrokes. When making little movements, I was awed by the speed and affectability. While I’m not an expert scribbler, I was satisfied at how rapidly the Specter Folio responded to my signals.

Freeware drawing program Krita worked out of the case, with the control in favor of the Tilt Pen stylus opening up a speedy menu. The HP Specter Folio can’t contend with a devoted designs tablet like the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, however, I figure expressions and illustrations understudies could discover a ton to adore here.

How does the HP Specter Folio execute as a workstation? A 1.5GHz double center Intel Core i7-8500Y Amber Lake CPU and 8GB RAM run the show here. The PC Mark 10 benchmark outcomes, which reproduces a scope of ordinary figuring assignments from web perusing to word handling, saw the HP Specter Folio score an inadequate 2964. That is very far beneath the 4000 pattern score PC Mark 10’s creator Futuremark has pegged.

Geekbench 4, which is an unadulterated CPU stress test, gave me single and multi-center scores of 4617 and 8585 every, which is only a hair over the 4000 and 8000 passage level scores for that benchmarking suite. To round this out, I ran Maxon’s new Cinebench R20 CPU stress test and got 656 CB.

As this is the main gadget I’ve run Cinebench R20 on, I can’t state how that piles up in general. Maxon says that R20 is further developed than the more seasoned R15 benchmark Trusted Reviews has utilized in past workstation surveys – when we’ve tried out more machines with Cinebench R20 and have a superior thought of what that outcome implies, I’ll update this audit.

As far as GPU execution, the Folio presented typically low benchmark results. It scored much more dreadful than the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and LG Gram 2 out of 1 on the 3DMark Ice Storm test, and those gadgets effectively offer trashy exhibitions with regards to cutting edge media altering and so forth. So, the HP Specter Folio truly isn’t generally intended for video altering or gaming, so that shouldn’t be a major issue.

HP Specter Folio – Battery

Sadly, the battery execution of the HP Specter Folio was not unreasonably phenomenal on the model I tried. I plunged the screen’s brilliance to 150 nits and utilized PC Mark 8’s worked in power execution apparatus to run the ‘home traditional’ recreation until the battery hit basic dimensions. This benchmark gave me a score of four hours and 13 mins, which is poor by most PC’s guidelines – I’d have sought after six hours at any rate.

By examination, I drew near to eight hours (seven hours and 55 minutes) with the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, yet that was with the more seasoned, and less requesting Powermark benchmark test. All things considered, seven to eight hours is the thing that I could hope to crush out of that gadget everyday at any rate, so I expect that on the off chance that I had run similar benchmarks on the two gadgets, I would have seen comparable outcomes. Without having a Surface Pro 6 to hand to test this, I can’t state without a doubt, in any case.

Utilizing the HP Specter Folio minimalistically – plunging the screen brilliance to beneath 150 nits and utilizing Ethernet through a USB connector where I might – I’d squeeze more than five hours unplugged.

Episodically, I can say that for general office work (composing records in Google Docs, utilizing Office 365, altering and resizing photographs in GIMP) I could get around five to five and a half long stretches of utilization from the Specter Folio before going after the charger.

Utilizing the provided stylus to jot away in Krita and Sketchpad with the screen’s splendor set to 150 nits, I would be down to about 89% battery following 60 minutes, however following two hours, this tumbled to 72%.

I’ve reached HP about this, who state our discoveries are atypical. Believed Reviews is being sent an alternate audit model to re-test this – this part of the survey will be refreshed at the earliest opportunity.

Why purchase the HP Specter Folio?

In the event that you like the vibe of the Microsoft Surface Pro, yet you’re stung by forking out additional for a console and stylus, at that point the HP Specter Folio is an astounding option.

For £1500 you’re getting something practically identical to the Surface Pro 6 setup with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, yet without dropping an additional £200-odd for a Type Cover console dock and Surface Pen stylus. Be that as it may, this proposal comes with a couple of provisos – there’s only one kind of the HP Specter Folio on offer, which means you’re constrained to 256GB of capacity and 8GB of memory.

Sound quality is hampered when you’re watching content in Tent or Tablet mode. Ideally future adaptations of the Folio will include forward-terminating speakers incorporated with the screen bit to check this.

Battery execution may likewise be an issue, however we will run more tests to confirm this before giving the Specter Folio an authoritative score.

On the off chance that you can live with these issues and the capacity alternatives aren’t a major issue, at that point the HP Specter Folio has bounty to offer – it looks incredible (despite the fact that we wish there was a leatherette, alcantara, or increasingly creature neighborly form accessible), highlights Thunderbolt 3 ports, accompanies a N-trig stylus included and is generally a top quality item.

Key Specs
  • Review Price: £1499
  • 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen display
  • Intel Core i7-8500Y CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • Weight: 1.49kg

First Impressions

The HP Specter Folio is a lightweight 2-in-1 workstation that is overwhelming on style and highlights, however not all that substantial on battery resilience.


The HP Specter Folio is an adaptable and very much structured 2-in-1 Windows 10 PC tablet with a couple of disadvantages, including capacity and a plan which mutes the incorporated speakers in specific setups.

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