Smart Device Review Huawei Watch GT Elegant Hands-On Active Review

Huawei Watch GT Elegant Hands-On Active Review


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Huawei Watch GT Elegant and Active Review

Huawei’s new Watch GT models are not practically not quite the same as the first it appeared in 2018, however, the choice to offer a littler size may end up being a decent one. The Watch GT now comes in two sizes — a 46mm hands-on case and a 42mm Elegant case.

The bigger of the two appears to be indistinguishable to the first Huawei Watch GT, with two side catches, a metal and plastic case, grippy side catches, and an energetic bezel around a 1.4-inch screen. The 42mm model psychologists the screen to 1.2-inches includes a jazzy fired bezel, and smooth side catches.


We should discuss the 42mm Elegant model first since it offers more contrasts to what we’ve seen from Huawei up until now. The 1.2-inch screen measure works actually well on smartwatches, as it doesn’t rule little wrists, or look excessively little on bigger ones. Be that as it may, Huawei is unmistakably pointing the 42mm Watch GT at ladies, as the lash fitted to the ones I attempted were little, and I just had three or so gaps left on the tie when I verified it. The tie isn’t intended to fit bigger wrists.

It’s a disgrace, as the dark model is wonderful. It’s difficult to find in the photos, yet the fired bezel has a profound purple sheen to it that is unmistakable just in certain light conditions, and I envision that outside in the sun it’ll look phenomenal. There’s no reason this couldn’t be a unisex watch.

The white Watch GT Elegant looks significantly progressively ladylike, yet the mix of the cleaned treated steel case and the smooth white bezel is too tasteful to even think about ignoring. Indeed, even the plastic lower area of the case has been outwardly improved. Both look great.


The 46mm Active hasn’t changed much from the first Watch GT, however, the side catches currently have a grippy surface, and the body arrives in a matte metal, as opposed to the dark or cleaned renditions seen on the first. This makes it increasingly snazzy, and less modest looking. A dark and gold bezel is utilized on the two models, joined with a dim green or orange silicone tie. A more extensive assortment of watch faces are accessible, and they’re quite improved over the essential determination already accessible. The new Watch GT has turned into a watch I’d need to wear all the more frequently.

Besides the new size, slight plan changes, and the more strong watch faces, the Watch GT has just a single major new component — a marathon following mode. The Watch GT matches up with the Huawei Health application on your telephone — it’s accessible for Android and iOS, not simply Huawei telephones — and it’s shockingly fit. Be that as it may, the truly lively, (for example, those endeavoring a marathon) might need to choose a more bad-to-the-bone wellness watch than the GT.

The other specialized change is the battery. Huawei hasn’t expressed limit, however, the 42mm Watch GT will just restore seven days of utilization before waiting to be revived, contrasted with the two weeks for the 46mm model. Utilize the pulse sensor and the GPS normally, and that time will fall once more. The long battery life was a major selling purpose of the first Watch GT, and the 42mm penances this for the sake of style.

Programming and Features

Huawei utilizes its very own Lite OS for the Watch GT, rather than Google’s Wear OS, and it does as such to help broaden the battery life. The interface is like Wear OS, in that you swipe the screen in different ways, and tap to choose your menu decision. Light OS was one of the mistakes on the first Watch GT, and Huawei has not referenced explicit upgrades here. It responded rapidly and scroll easily when I tried the new models, yet it merits recollecting that they were not associated with a telephone at the time. I’ll have the capacity to pass judgment on execution better in a more extended survey.

More honed looks and more structure assortment is vital for wearables, and Huawei has expertly achieved both with the new Watch GTs. Our worries keep on being the list of capabilities — no spilling music support on the first, for instance — and the speed of the working framework. The cost has crawled up as well, influencing it to fight with a more grounded challenge.

Cost and Conclusion

The Huawei Watch GT Active (46mm) costs 250 euros, or around $280, and the Elegant (42mm) is 230 euros, or roughly $260. This is extensively more than the fundamental 180 euro Watch GT, yet equivalent to the more slick Watch GT Classic. This places it in rivalry with the Fossil Sport watch, which can’t coordinate the battery life however has a lot more highlights including the capacity to stream music, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Spend somewhat more and even an Apple Watch Series 3 comes into view in the event that you locate the correct arrangement.

The Watch GT Active and Elegant are accessible to arrange now from Huawei, however, no U.S. dispatch has been declared. This may change later on. I like the Watch GT, yet favor it at the low 180 euro cost, when the challenge isn’t as solid and highlight oversights can be pardoned. The look might be directly for the new models, however, we’ll need to test it out for longer to find if the rest legitimizes spending more to get it.


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