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Providing all real estate tax services gradually through the “Digital Egypt” platform | Pictures – Economy of Egypt



Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, affirmed that all Real Estate Tax Authority services will be made available electronically to citizens in a simple manner by gradually launching its applications through the “Digital Egypt” platform on the Internet, in line with the state’s efforts, under its wise political leadership, towards transformation to digital systems and achieving integration. Between databases in a unified system for providing automated services As one of the sustainable development goals 2030, which contributes to laying the foundations of transparency, promoting equal opportunities, and governance of performance with the highest degree of accuracy; In accordance with the latest international standards and experiences, in a way that helps localize advanced digital industries globally, and supports the transition to the digital economy; In order to keep abreast of international changes, especially in light of the Corona pandemic that imposed social divergence, the minister said that the electronic services of the Real Estate Tax Authority were launched through the “Digital Egypt” platform on the Internet by making the electronic application available for submitting declarations of housing units, as soon as the cooperation protocol between the two ministries was signed. Finance, communications and information technology, which aims to facilitate citizens’ access to real estate tax authority services, and the payment of due fees and taxes through optimal employment of the latest technology, pointing out that the timetable for automating all real estate tax authority services has been compressed, including: Applications for submitting tax returns on real estate Based on, and presenting appeals or grievances on the tax assessment; This is in preparation for submitting it electronically through the “Egypt Digital” platform.

He added that, according to this protocol, the umbrella of the National Post Authority, which is spread in various governorates, cities and villages, will be used to provide the service of delivery of notifications and tax claims through post offices, as well as linking and integration with the systems and applications available in other government agencies within the framework of the national project for digital transformation.

Anwar Fawzi, head of the Real Estate Tax Authority, said that this protocol is based on the use of the latest technological applications in modernizing, automating and simplifying procedures for citizens’ access to real estate tax authority services, pointing to the positive cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which provides technical support for the digital transformation project for the Real Estate Tax Authority. Automation of its services; To make it available on the “Digital Egypt” platform, and to effectively contribute to building the digital capabilities of workers.

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