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Security experts reject Pantami’s plea over pro-Taliban, Al-Qaeda comments



The apology by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, has been turned down by Some security experts on Saturday. The minister apologised over some controversial comments he made in the past in support of global terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

A retired Army Captain in the United States Army, Bishop Johnson, said;

“When people have radical ideologies, they don’t change overnight. They will carry such ideologies into whatever offices they occupy. So people with extremist ideologies should not occupy sensitive positions,” Johnson said.

According to security analysts Pantami’s comments were too strong to be discarded, as such they demanded either the minister’s wilful resignation or sacking by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

The National President of Criminology and Security Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Williams Ekposon, also said though Pantami claimed to have renounced his support for terrorist groups, the minister was not worthy of being entrusted with information as sensitive as Nigerians’ data. He urged Pantami to apologise to Nigerians and resign from his appointment.

Ekposon said, “We have to be very careful of our speech and how we go about doing things. Professionally, that kind of person should not be in charge of the data of Nigerians. No statesman will admire being identified with Al-Qaeda or Taliban or any other terrorist group.


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SOURCE: This post (Security experts reject Pantami’s plea over pro-Taliban, Al-Qaeda comments) firstly published at on 2021-04-18 13:41:39

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