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The Musawa/Matazu Reckless Captain And Future Of Hopeless Young Passengers – Katsina Post



The Musawa/Matazu Reckless Captain And The Future Of The Hopeless Young Passengers – Aminu Yahuza Marabar Musawa

Since the beginning of the Musawa/ Matazu democratic voyage in the oceans of the second, third and fourth Republic. Musawa/Matazu have been getting different Captains for different political sojourns. Each of these captains had their up score points and down score points.

The foremost sociologist Harold Laswel defined power to be the ability to give What, When and How. Scholars while espousing on the definition said what Harold Laswel means is that, the purpose of power is the distribution of wealth to the masses. To them any act of power that falls short of this is not the exercise of power stricto sensu.

Putting the current Captain at a political microscope to determines his pace at his political take home glories one will be left with no option other than giving him the dreaded F9, F9 is the right performance unit for him being a former class room teacher, it is my firm belief that he will understand it more compared to when another form of performance determinant unit is used.

In Nigeria we are operating a tripartite system of government comprising of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary with each having a distinct spare of operation. However in practical the theory is modified to suit our local circumstances whereby legislatures sometimes venture into the provision of direct benefits to their constituents in contrast to the theory of compartmentalization of responsibility between the trio and in no way we may get any fault with their actions. Since our population and other factors have made it difficult for our executive to be functioning like the one in the Whitehouse.

It has even became a norm in Nigeria that a House of Representative Member or a Senator is asses through the benefit he brought to his Constituency. Some of the laudable jobs they usually do that attract medal to their name is securing a job for their youths whom are in the need from the federal slots, they use their money to get the offers and distribute them to their unemployed youths in addition to that you will see them building mosques, block of classes giving irrigation and sewing machines and host of other things.

However Musawa/ Matazu youths are left with salivation and are also made onlookers and well-wishers to the Babylonians of other constituencies who have a potful of political benefits. We have unemployed graduate all over roaming the streets with no hope, whom capable among have stated selling Sugar Cane or going to Lagos to carry loads and ride Keke while their friends from other constituencies are enjoying juicy Federal appointments appointments. Our Captain this is unacceptable!

We the youths of Musawa/ Matazu are not happy with how things are going in our constituency and we have every reason to be angry, we have been exercising patience for long and we are yet to see the light some are promising us at the end of the tunnel. Please till when captain?

We know it is human nature to yearn for more, and time will come when the captain will definitely wish to retain his sit for another sail, if things continue to go this way we will be left with no option other than political revolt in accordance with our extant laws.

For now we don’t want be at loggerhead with anybody, but we are admonishing the captain to be wise and act wisely.

CAVEAT: The writer is not anybody’s political underdog but rather a concern member of Musawa/Matazu constituency who want see a better Musawa/Matazu for all.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, Deadly writings will follow this if nothing is done during the grace period given. The captain has to wake up from his nap and do the needful.


Aminu Yahuza Marabar Musawa can be reach on 09031150419.

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SOURCE: This post (The Musawa/Matazu Reckless Captain And Future Of Hopeless Young Passengers – Katsina Post) firstly published at on 2021-04-07 19:53:10

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