Android Tutorial : Creating App on Android Studio

Tutorial : Creating App on Android Studio


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Hello guys welcome back to the tech desk of Arewasound. This time, I am bringing a series for the app development. You can learn app making with the help of this series. We will use Android Studio to learn app development. This is a small simple series to learn how to make an simple android app using android studio.

On the completion of this series, you will have a perfect idea about how to move forward with the learning of app development and how to make different apps on android platform.

This is going to be the first lecture of this series. Lets start the first lecture. Before starting you must know which softwares are required to make an app. Java is used mainly to make most of the android app.

To use java, you need to install JDK(Java Development Kit). The other software needed to is Android Studio. Android Studio is a IDE(Integrated Development Environment). In simple words, you can think of IDE as a tool that provides us an environment which is suitable for making android apps.

So to install Java JDK, go to google and search Java JDK, and install JDK Java from the first link of the search results. Choose the file as per your system specifications.

Similarly, search android studio on google for app development. Download and install the android studio from the first link of the search results. It is an easy peasy process, just download the .exe file and then run it. You jsut need a good internet connection and a system then you are all set to start for android app development.

This tutorial empowers you so that you can make a simple math app. It will be a simple maths application which will contain basic maths questions. Either the questions will be correct or incorrect. and the users have to choose the options carefully. You can put a timer and a score card in the application.

So this is the conclusion point. In this tutorial, we first downloaded and installed the Java JDK and then Android Studio. These are the two softwares required to start with app development. In the next tutorial we will proceed the android app development


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